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Syahrul & Athirah ~solemnization~

My brother is married.  Took awhile, but he’s married. Hehe. The lady he’s married to is one Siti Athirah. A colleague turned lover turned wife/lover. The good thing about this couple is that they live just a few hundred metres away from each other so logistically it was easy. Especially for my family as our … Continue reading

Hadi & Jannah ceremony

      My sister-in-law’s wedding ceremony, a follow-up from my previous entry. This ceremony is held at Dewan Inspen in Kampung Dato Abu Bakar Baginda…it’s near Bangi. Pretty good looking hall I must say. (Tereja Inspen’s’ dekat semua gambar-gambar tu…ignore!) Later in the evening (actually around 4) we went to the areas around Inspen … Continue reading

Hadi & Jannah ~Solemnization~

Ok this one is a bit overdue. In fact I’ve neglected to update some others as well. Sigh. Anyway, this is my sister-in-law’s solemnization which was held at my in-law’s home. The husband is from Parit Buntar. Admittedly I never really got to know the husband before the wedding but I know he’s a good … Continue reading

#HKR #KL112

Pantas aku buat blog ni (in BM some more)  sebab kalau lambat hilang la kehangatan Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat ni (atau TV3 panggil dengan tidak professionalnya, Himpunan Shamsidar – tah apa kena mengena). Kalau nak aku bagi opinion berapa ramai datang apa semua, haa memang tak. Tengok dan nilai sendiri je. Anyway, aku gerak awal dalam … Continue reading

Ammar & Fadilah ~Solemnization~

Tis the last entry for the year. Time really does fly by so fast. So anyway, this is the marriage solemnization of Ammar and Fadilah in Ampangan, Negeri Sembilan. Ammar is a University friend of mine and we have kept in touch since. The solemnization was done at the bride’s house and attended by quite … Continue reading

Din & Syd ~Ceremony~

Tis here is my sister’s marriage ceremony to Zanudin, also at Kelana Jaya, held right after the solemnization. First of all would like to thank Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, CM of Selangor, and wife for coming. Also YB Nik Nazmi, ADUN Sri Setia, and wife. It really made this day special – especially to my … Continue reading

Din & Syd ~Solemnization~

A good date this, 10-11-12. Sitti Fatimah is my sister so, I’m just going to paste the speech I wrote for my brother who was tasked to read the speech at her wedding last weekend (with some minor editing): Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, First of all, thank you all for coming to this momentous … Continue reading

Sofeah’s 4th Birthday

30 October 2008, Nur Alya Sofeah was born. Now she’s 4 years of age. This happy go lucky little girl has grown up to be a fast talker, inquisitive, smart and somewhat independent for her age. Her teacher told the wife and I that she is also very kind (if she quarrels with her friend, … Continue reading

Sara Amily ~Birthday~

Sara Amily, daughter of Edzuan Ezzady and Qhairawani. This is her 2nd birthday and I must say, even though she’s not my daughter, the general feeling when it comes to kids is they grow up too fast. I remember babysitting Sara when she was 2months old – Qhairawani just started working after her confinement period … Continue reading

Hadi & Jannah ~Engagement~

Ah yess another engagement, the first step towards marriage. Jannah is my sis-in-law so this session is at my in-laws’ house in Kajang. Done at night, not really sure why. Heh. My sis-in-law is a rather independent kind of lady so I’m guessing marriage should come naturally for her. I’ve never actually got to know … Continue reading